1. Curiously I searched Wikipedia for sample credits to Drake’s two studio albums (I’m off the next two weeks). One of the reasons I discredit Drake (and the whole YMCMB crew) for not being “hip-hop” is their lack of sampling.
    Today, however, I stand corrected… Kinda.
    Drake’s albums are covered in samples!
    But not the kind of samples you’d expect on a hip-hop album. Most of the songs sampled I had never heard of. So where do they come from?
    Turns out, there are some classic samples that they use for interpolations. Interpolations are cool (for YMCMB) because they only require clearance from the producer and not the label.
    One song had me confused: Started From the Bottom. I had literally just listened to it and here was Wikipedia claiming it had a sample. Seriously? It’s like a piano playing a modified scale over drums and some weird noises… What’s the sample?
    The piano is from an album of ambiant music. Yea, YMCMB is probably all sitting together in a circle blowing lines, shooting guns (it is Lil Wayne’s label…), and sampling elevator music… #PictureThat


  3. iPhones don’t automatically do this…